Communications Strategy Approach

Amy Sutnick Plotch has brought acute strategic insight, tactical experience, creativity, and media savvy to our highly successful campaign to strengthen the Girls Inc. brand and increase the organization's visibility. Amy helped us clarify, articulate and implement our vision for the campaign, which has transformed the organization.

Alexander Kopelman,
Director of Communications
Girls Incorporated

Amy Sutnick Plotch Communications offers a strategic and comprehensive approach to communications planning and implementation. We begin by conducting a thorough and thought-provoking assessment of your goals. We discuss your objectives in detail. Then we develop a strategy that will take you where you want to go.

Although our services are tailored to meet each client's goals and budget, the following steps provide a framework.

  • Target the audience: We start by identifying the audiences you need to engage in order to achieve your goals. We learn as much as we can about those audiences in order to develop messages and strategies that succeed.
  • Position the organization: In order to thrive, organizations need to establish their unique roles. We help you clarify your role then explain who you are and what you do in language that resonates.
  • Develop the strategy: We help you evaluate options in the expanding world of communications to select the best fit for your organization. Our plan will achieve your goals and meet your budget requirements.
  • Construct the message: Today's organizations deal with complex concepts, which require their own internal jargon for day-to-day work. We help you find a clear, common language that will communicate your internal messages to your external audiences.
  • Craft the story: Great communications is great storytelling. We help you develop your story and tell it in compelling language.
  • Generate results: When it's time to put your strategy into action, you can count on us. We have the know-how to carry out a media relations campaign, produce online, print and video materials, organize special events and design a social networking strategy.
  • Measure success: We can work with you to track results, build on success and keep your organization in the public eye.
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